SureSpek specialise in the provision of underwater Construction and IMR (inspection, maintenance & repair) services to the Diving and ROV areas of both on and offshore Oil & Gas industries, main services include:-

  • Development / implementation of management systems
  • Development / implementation of asset inspection / repair philosophies
  • Development of computerised asset IMR baseline information for subsequent data input and ongoing client maintenance and reporting
  • Development of work performance standards
    Development of work / technical procedures
  • Development / management of inspection work programmes
  • Project management services
  • Interface management
  • Data & technical management
  • Technical & Systems Audit (IMR Vessel & Dive Systems Inspection & Audit)
  • Provision of client representatives
  • Provision of specialist inspection services (CSWIP / PCN Level 2 UT and RT [ultrasonic testing & radiographic testing])
  • Provision of underwater inspection coordinator personnel (CSWIP 3.4u)
  • Technical procedure & report writing services

The above is a relatively high level view of services available, if your requirement is not specially listed, please call to discuss.